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Crowns (Caps) and Fixed Bridges

Dr. Mele prides himself on restoring teeth with attractive and functional crowns. He uses many different restorative materials based on biocompatibility testing. Crowns (caps) are used to reinforce a teeth that have inadequate tooth structure and are structurally too fragile for chewing forces to be applied for fear of fractures.

Captek™ crown's are used whenever possible because of their strength and lifelike polychromatic natural appearance.   Captek™ crown’s universal biocompatibility reduces the possibility of a dark line at the gum line and its exclusive material can inhibit decay and gum disease from forming plaque at the margin.

Fixed bridges replace missing teeth by placing crown (abutments) on the teeth adjacent to missing teeth or tooth, and bridging the space with a replacement tooth (pontic). Bridges are cemented with long term cement. Patients are taught how to clean under the bridges effortlessly with a sonic flosser to maintain oral health.